Call center software is an essential tool for companies to engage in marketing, customer support, and other forms of corporate communication. One of the main benefits of this system is that it can manage multiple communication channels with a single platform. It gives companies a standalone program that can handle:

  1. Email
  2. Live Chat
  3. SMS texts
  4. Social Media
  5. Instant messaging

Here’s a list of top ten call center application systems If you’re looking for a call center solution for your growing business operations.

Monster VoIP Service For Small Business

Monster VoIP is an integrated hosted phone system that is capable of hosting four data centers complete with backup and redundancy. The auto-provisioning capabilities ensure an instant connection that does not require manual configuration. Improve your business communication with Monster VoIP at an affordable price with personalized setup for unified communication.

Best Features

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Zendesk is one of the best VoIP call center software, which relies on separate upgradeable knowledge base modules. The basic Zendesk software version includes chat, call management, and knowledge base. The basic version is ideal for small to medium size businesses. One of the best features of this particular application is Zendesk Talk. It has an integrated support ticketing system that allows customer service teams to have swift communication support across multiple channels. Proactive live chat features enable the sales team to convert leads into sales.  

Best Features


Freshcaller is a cloud-based phone system that is ideal for small to medium-sized companies. The system is a low maintenance service that facilitates customer support requirements. The best feature of Freshcaller is that it works on the browser, which indicates you can dial and receive calls right from the browser.

Best Features

RingCentral Contact Center

RingCentral is a complete VoIP call center software system that offers seamless communication to assist businesses in managing their customer engagement. With interactive tools such as customer survey applications, workforce management, speech and text analytics, and quality management tools ensure you are always connected with your customers and suppliers.

Best Features


Ytel is an API application and a contact center module that help companies improve their lead generation and sales by providing an effective communication system. This call center software is an effective method of sending emails to clients. With its cloud-based service, companies can use SMS, call recording, MMS, social media, and campaign reporting on a single platform.

Best Features

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Vocalcom Cloud Contact Center

The Vocalcom Cloud Contact Center is a 100% cloud-based system that provides email, SMS, and social media handles in a single integrated easy to use platform. If you want more value for money, then choose the Vocalcom WebRTC that offers web chat, audio communication, video, and co-browsing services. Its call recording features allow sales agents to offer better customer experience by viewing the previous data about a particular customer. The best part of this cloud-based VoIP call center software is that you won’t need to rely on a technical expert to setup and make the necessary changes when needed.

Best Features


CalltrackingMetrics is one of the best call center software that improves your overall business communication through call analytics. The system is technically a call tracking and marketing management system that promises improved performance with a better return on investment. It’s a perfect business communication solution for small and medium sized businesses who wish to invest in a seamless call center application.

Best Features

Mitel MiCloud Business

Mitel Networks is a leading VoIP service provider that offers a number of call center services to various companies. The Mitel MiCloud is another integrated and easy to use cloud-based call center software that’s perfect for small to medium businesses. It offers effective cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration with a mobile application for the added benefit of mobility.

Best Features

Skype for Business

Skype is a leading communication platform around the world with millions of users worldwide. But not many people know that the company offers a comprehensive VoIP call center software called Skype for Business. It offers seamless integration across different devices and it is one of the most effective and robust conference call software tools.

Best Features


Convoso is an easy to use call center platform that is particularly designed to enhance the productivity of your sales team. Improve your talk time, conversion rate, and leads significantly with Convoso. It gives you a softphone that runs from any computer eliminating the need for having powerful computers and hardware, which makes it one of the best call center software on the market today.

Best Features

Bottom Line

Give your small business a new and effective way to integrate all your sales and marketing activities on a single platform. We have shared our top ten VoIP call center software solutions for you to choose from, pick software that caters to your business needs efficiently.

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Monster VoIP offers various services and much more! If you need assistance in enhancing your company’s unified communications, contact Monster VoIP today to find out how we can help. Monster VoIP provides the best business phones for small business, which ensures effective communication throughout the organization with the best business phones for small business.

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